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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2017/2/20 4:55
Joined: 2010/4/25
From: usa
Posts: 26
Welcome to T-chats.

T-Chats is a great place to meet and interact with others around the world
and To ensure your experience is enjoyable, there are a few
simple guidelines to follow to keep your chat experience fun and safe.
We here at T-chats will do our best to provide you with an enjoyable
chat experience in a environment where you feel safe,have a good time
and enjoy yourself in all our chatrooms.

staff will not be held responsible for the actions we may have to take
to help make t-chats a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

Please treat all online participants(chatters, staff, etc) with respect
and do not use T-Chats to threaten,harass, stalk, or abuse other users, or staff.
Impersonating Staff members,room owners,hosts, or another users is not allowed and will not
be tolerated.

We reserve the right to remove content that express ideals of racism, bigotry,
violence, obscenity or nudity.
Please dont use our chatrooms or forums as means of distributing, posting or publishing any
unlawful material, this includes but is not limited to child pornography, piracy, bestiality,
incest, harassment and illegal access to another's computer (hacking) .

You are responsible and liable for all your activities while participating in T-Chats.
Remember, you are responsible for anything you say or post.
T-Chats reserves the right to ban any participant from the chat rooms for violating any of the rules above.
T-Chats also reserves the right to amend or change the Code of Conduct at any time without notice and encourage
you to periodically review these guidelines to ensure you are in compliance.

Thanks for following this code of conduct and please make yourself at home here with us.
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